Siding Materials: Pros & Cons

Updating siding is one of the biggest enhancements you can make to your home’s exterior. The siding of your house is like your home’s skin – sometimes it has blemishes or scarring and requires a bit of adjustment. There are tons of siding materials you can choose from, but picking the right one depends on your lifestyle and vision for your home. Together, we’ll review the pros and cons of common siding materials so you can decide which is best for you.


Many homeowners opt for vinyl siding. This is especially true for those who live in areas with vastly different seasons. Vinyl offers protection against relentless rain storms and heavy snow, keeping the interior of your home safe from the elements.

Low-cost option for homeowners
Can withstand temperatures up to 750 degrees
Simple maintenance

It doesn’t last as long as other siding options (10-15 years)
Painting vinyl doesn’t yield lasting results
If there is a hole in your siding, the vinyl plank requires replacing and cannot be repaired

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is a durable, attractive option for homeowners who are looking for a longer lifespan than vinyl siding. Though this option costs more than vinyl, it is well worth the extra dough. It’s made of cellulose fibers, water, sand, and cement, creating a product that is resistant to rot and pests like termites. At Kesting Construction, we work with James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding to give you the best experience possible.

Get the look of stucco or wood for less money
Pests and animals aren’t interested in this material
Tends to be fade-resistant and low maintenance

More expensive installation
Must be repainted over time


The allure of stone siding lies in its natural, earthy aesthetic. Homes with stone siding appear to have simply grown from the land, blending in with the environment with a regal touch. Unlike many other options, stone siding is innately fire-resistant, meaning you won’t have to spend any extra money reinforcing the material to keep your family safe.

Sustainable siding option
Incredible curb appeal
One of the longest lifespans of all siding options

Some areas have stone size installation restrictions (15 pounds per square foot)
The stone you prefer may not be available where you live
Minimal color options


One of the most environmentally friendly siding options, wood offers homeowners a beautiful, cabin-like aesthetic that feels dreamy and understated at the same time. This option is available in many finishes, and you can choose from different wood species like cedar, cypress, and pine.

A durable choice that can last for over 30 years
Many wood types are insect-resistant
A great ROI; adds significant value to your home

When subject to rot or damage, it requires replacement immediately
Must be cleaned annually WITHOUT a power washer

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