Roof Repair Vs. Roof Replacement

Roofs are the reason a house is called a house. It covers and provides shelter to those living inside the house. Roofs can often be damaged and destroyed within a span of 10-25 years. It means that the people either choose to repair their current roofs or replace them. 

Difference Between  Roof Repair and Roof Replacement

Roof Repair 

Repairing a roof means fixing parts of a roof like ventilation, flashing, or other things that may be leaking or causing minor problems. 

Roof Replacement

Meanwhile, roof replacement means taking out the old one and putting in a new one. This means removing everything off the shelter of the house. It might also need fixing any breaks in the covering, roof beams and structure supports.

Factor For Choosing Which One 

Now that we know the clear difference between those two, let’s talk about the factors that can lead you to decide which one you should do. The following are the factors: 

Age Of Your Roof 

This means how long the roof has been there since it was built. The age of the roof is an important reason. Because every roof has a limited time or an out of service date, this means that their usage is only for a while. Most roofs can last for 15 to 20 years, and sometimes even more. If your roof is not old, it might be better just to fix the broken parts. 

Fixing a roof is just for a specific time and need. It won’t always make the roof last longer. If your old roof is getting bad, you must change it soon. This is very important if you want to live in the house for a long time as there might be risk of collapse. But, if the age is still under 20 years and only minor damages are found by a roof checker you can  get it fixed ASAP. 

Roof Leakage: 

Roof leaking is one of the most known reasons for roofs to be either repaired or replaced. Most of the time, roof leaks can result in a damaged ceiling, mold, wetness, and rooting of the frame. This moist and mold will weaken the hold of the roof and eventually start to show signs of wear. 

Limited Time 

Frequently, there are chances of storms or any other dangerous situation where a strong roof is required. Sometimes, there are chances of just repairing due to limited time for the weather to change. This also includes your geographical location, meaning where you live and that area’s weather conditions. 


This is also one of the most important and common reasons. Getting your roof replacement is essential but it depends on your budget. Many homeowners consider this as the main reason for either choosing a repair or replacement. Roofing contractors can help decide your cost plan. 


Getting a house roof repaired or replaced is a common thing. They are an essential part of the house and need to be maintained in good condition. But many reasons lead to the decision of whether a repairing is required or a replacement. So, whatever you decide, get help from a professional for roof assessment. 

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